How to use Feedme

How to use Feedme

As Shopify store owners we have lots of questions we are desperate to know the answers to.

  • Why are so many people visiting my store but not purchasing?
  • How can I increase sales?
  • How can I get customers to spend more money?
  • What price should I be charging?
  • Who is purchasing from me so I can target them more effectively?

The answers to these questions will influence the decisions we make which will determine the success of our business.

The good news is you can get reliable answers to all of these questions if you use the right tools. Luckily, Feedme has them all.

After reading this guide you should know: how, why and when to use all the features of Feedme to get insightful answers to all of your questions.

Let’s jump into it.

Before we start (feel free to skip)

To get the most out of Feedme it’s essential to have clarity on what you want to achieve.

I recommend writing down 3 goals along with how you are going to achieve each goal. Keep writing how until you are left with something you need to learn. See the examples below.

GoalHow 1How 2How 3
Increase sales and reduce customer acquisition cost.By increasing my store’s conversion rate.By optimising my store.By learning why some visitors leave without purchasing and then implementing and testing the changes.
Increase traffic to my store through advertising at a sustainable acquisition cost.Learn who my customers are so I can target them more efficiently in my advertising.N/AN/A

Now, let’s learn about Feedme so we can choose the right tool to accomplish our goals.

Step 1

Choose a theme

When you install Feedme you are asked to choose a theme. You can change this theme in the ‘Current theme’ panel of the dashboard. Once you have located the panel click ‘Browse themes’, you can then choose a theme to install.

Step 2

Customise your theme

Within the ‘Current theme’ panel of the dashboard you can customise your chosen theme. During customisation you can view a live preview in the ‘Live preview’ panel.

Under the ‘Pill’ tab you can customise the (feedback) pill. This is a button that appears on your store that visitors can press to send feedback. You can activate it in the ‘Pill feedback’ panel.

Under the ‘Form’ tab you can customise the feedback form that is shown when visitors press the pill. It will also influence the appearance of the polls you create.

Step 3

Collect & view feedback

To begin collecting feedback on your store via the feedback button, find the panel titled ‘Feedback pill’ and then click the activate toggle to activate it. This will then add a feedback button to your store.

Once you start receiving feedback you can view it by clicking ‘Pill feedback’ in the navigation bar displayed at the top.

You can also set the feedback form to appear when a visitor attempts to leave your store. To do this, find the panel titled ‘Feedback on exit’ and press the toggle switch to activate it.

Tip: to get more responses, we recommend using polls that trigger on page exit (see step 4).

Step 4

Creating and activating polls

Polls are the ultimate feedback collection tool. During the setup of Feedme you were asked what you would like to learn. If you chose to answer this, we have already created a poll for you. To view it, press view under 'polls' on the dashboard homepage. You can then customise the poll and once you're happy, activate it.

There are 2 options when creating a new poll. You can choose to create a poll from a template (a ready made poll) or create your own, a custom poll. Of course a templated poll is just a template and you are welcome to customise it as you wish before activation.

Types of polls

Feedme has 3 types of polls:

  • Yes/No
  • Multiple Choice
  • Scale

Scale polls should be used when you wish to receive responses on a scale of 1-10. For example the question “How would you rate your experience? (10 being best)?” would be a perfect fit for a scale poll.

Scale poll initial question screenshot

Multiple choice polls should be used when you wish to receive predetermined responses, as shown below.

Choice poll initial question screenshot

Yes/No polls are the simplest types of poll, see below.

Yes/No poll initial question screenshot
Yes/No poll follow-up question screenshot
Characteristics of polls
QuestionThe question you would like to ask visitors.
TriggerPolls can be set to appear when users visits a page or when they are about to leave.
Device type (new)Polls can be set to appear on touch devices (smart phones & tablets etc.), cursor/mouse devices or both.
Choose pages to trigger the pollThis is where you can choose which pages trigger a poll to display. This is determined by the url of a page.
DelayThis determines how long you would like to wait until a poll is displayed on a page.
View poll responses

Once you have activated a poll you should start to see responses from visitors within a few seconds to a few days depending on your amount of traffic. A store with 100,000 monthly visitors should expect around 120-400 responses daily.

To view responses for a poll click view next to it.

Editing and deleting polls

Click view next to the poll you would like to delete or edit. Then in the ‘Edit poll’ panel you can delete or edit the poll. Once you have finished editing the poll press the ‘Update poll’ button at the bottom of the panel.

How to use Feedme to help accomplish your goals

Earlier you wrote down 3 goals you would like to achieve. Now we will look at how Feedme can help us accomplish them.

In the first example my goal was to increase sales and reduce customer acquisition cost. I was going to achieve this by learning why some visitors leave without purchasing and then implementing and testing the changes.

Luckily, Feedme has ready made polls that will help us accomplish this goal.

I’m going to choose ‘Why visitors leave without purchasing’.

However, a few others could also be insightful. So they would be worth trying.

This poll is designed to learn visitors objections so you can address them.

Once we start receiving responses we can begin optimising our store and increase our conversion rate.

Adding a feedback button to every page on my store will also give me insights from visitors to help me to optimise my store.

It’s worth remembering your visitors are unique and they will respond better to some polls than others. Try experimenting with different polls and different questions until you find a winner.

Poll templates reference

TemplateQuestionPoll type
Why visitors leave without purchasing.Not for you? Tell us why.Multiple choice
How I can improve my store.Quick question: can we make this page better?Yes/No
How I can improve my visitors experience.How would you rate your overall experience? 10 being perfect.Scale
What information is missing.Quick question… did you find the information you were looking for on this page?Yes/No
Visitors main concerns or questions.Do you have any concerns or questions?Yes/No
What persuaded people to visit my store.Quick question... What persuaded you to visit our store today?Multiple choice
How to increase the amount customers spend.Are there any other products you would like us to sell?Yes/No
Who my customers are.Could you describe yourself in one sentence?Yes/No